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Ironhide Movie - Transformers Wiki.

He’s been stranded on a deserted Cybertron, but IRONHIDE is about to meet the only two other functioning AUTOBOTS on the planet. One is an old friend in dire need of help, and the other is a legendary character making his IDW debut. Mike Costa and Casey Coller reveal why exactly IRONHIDE–and his death–were so important to the future of Cybertron. Starscream ist einer der Hauptcharaktere in den IDW Publishing Comics und der derzeitige Herrscher über Cybertron. In IDW Publishing's comic miniseries The Transformers: Infiltration, Ironhide is part of an infiltration unit consisting of Ratchet, Wheeljack, Jazz, Bumblebee, and Sunstreaker, led by Prowl. He first appears saving Ratchet from Thundercracker.

Following Dreamwave Productions' bankruptcy in 2005, IDW picked up the rights and hired long-time Transformers writer Simon Furman to craft a rebooted Generation. Transformers: Ironhide [Mike Costa, Casey Coller] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. During the Great War on Cybertron, one of the Autobots’ fallen heroes was Optimus Prime's best friend — Ironhide. Now.

Generally averted however. Most Transformers that have died over the course of IDW's Transformers comics have remained dead. The "resurrected" Ironhide is running from a millions-of-years-old backup of his memories, and it's not clear if Hot Rod/Rodimus was dead or just very badly damaged. Neue und gebrauchte Comics, Romane mehr als 40000 online durchsuchen, anschauen, lesen und bestellen. Geschenk-, Abo- und Gutscheinservice.

Get the scoop on All Things Transformers including news and reviews for toys, movies, comics, games, fans and much more every day. 14.05.2016 · Hey guys! After months i'm back with other videos. Top5 and Top10 about the four movies scenes and characters. This is my first Top5, hope you guys like it! Thanks for watching, if you like my. Ironhide is a Cybertronian Transformer. Biography Edit. Around 2001, Ironhide was assigned to the infiltration unit deployed to Earth under Prowl's command. After receiving Ratchet's message, Prowl took Ironhide and Sunstreaker to rendezvous with and arrest the medic. Windblade ist ein von Fans erstellter Charakter und einer der Hauptcharaktere im Universum der IDW Publishing Comics. Im April 2014 erhielt sie eine eigene, gleichnamige Miniserie "The Transformers: Windblade", in der sie als Cityspeaker zusammen mit ihrem Bodyguard Chromia und dem Anführer von Cybertron, Starscream, versucht, alle Völker zu. He's been stranded on a deserted Cybertron, but IRONHIDE is about to meet the only two other functioning AUTOBOTS on the planet. One is an old friend in dire need of help, and the other is a legendary character making his IDW debut. Mike Costa and Casey Coller reveal why exactly IRONHIDE-and his death-were so important to the future of.

23.10.2019 · Transformers Movie 3 DOTM Autobot Bumblebee Ratchet Ironhide Sideswipe WheeljackQue Car Robot Toys.</plaintext> Read Transformers: The IDW Collection comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Transformers Comic Books - Transformers: Ironhide by IDW a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. Popular features include daily news. Transformers: Ironhide Mike Costa, Casey Coller ISBN: 8601417906125 Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.</p> <ol A><li>Ironhide is the name of several different fictional characters in the Transformers universes. According to the original creator of the Transformers names, Bob Budiansky, Ironhide was named after the television series Ironside. Ironhide is portrayed as a toughened old Autobot who has seen his.</li> <li>Stranded on modern-day Cybertron, Ironhide discovers he’s the only functioning life-form on the planet. Oh, except for the Swarm. Writer Mike Costa continues to put the fallen now resurrected?! Autobot through some strange paces, with stunning art by Casey Coller. ERS writer Mike Costa and the.</li></ol> <p>IDW's Transformers comics can be difficult to start reading. I've put together a handy Reading Order Checklist to help you makes sense of it all. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.</p> <ul square><li>Begriffsklärungshinweis Dieser Artikel behandelt den Autobot Irondhide aus den IDW Publishing Comics. Für andere Versionen von Ironhide siehe Ironhide.</li> <li>Ironhide war ein Autobot und der Waffenspezialist von Optimus Prime. Er transformierte sich in einen schwarzen GMC Topkick. Außerdem war Ironhide der ältere Bruder von Ratchet. Lange Zeit vor dem Krieg war Ironhide Mitglied der Cybertronischen Verteidigungskräfte, wo er.</li> <li>Transformers Autobots. Ironhide served as a mentor to the young Create-A-Bot as he learned the ropes on Earth. He was a bit annoyed by the kid's spunk, but knew he had a good Spark deep down. He later accompanied him to the Arctic to find Megatron, but discovered that the Decepticon leader had been moved elsewhere. On their way out of the region, they were attacked by Starscream, but the old war.</li> <li>Read The Transformers: Ironhide comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page.</li></ul> <p>19.02.2010 · IDW Publishing Press Release on Transformers: Ironhide is at their official website. Check-it-out @ IDW Publishing The home of 30 Days of Night, Star Trek, Terminator, Transformers. In Deutschland erschien letzterer Film erst 2011 unter dem Titel Transmorphers 3 – Der dunkle Mond, womit auf den Originaltitel von Transformers 3 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Bezug genommen wurde. Inspiriert durch den Erfolg des Transformers-Films,. IDW Publishing has issued a press release regarding the recently revealed new mini series that will be produced by the Transformers Comic creators, Transformers: Ironhide. Here's what they had to. The Transformers: The IDW Collection Vol. 7 English Edition eBook: Dan Abnett, Shane McCarthy, Andy Lanning, Mike Costa, Nick Roche, Alex Milne, Don Figueroa, E.J. Transformers: Ironhide 3 English Edition eBook: Mike Costa, Marcelo Matere, Casey Coller:: Kindle-Shop.</p> <p>Ironhide is a battle hardened veteran, one of the toughest amongst the Autobots. As one of Optimus' oldest and closest friends, Ironhide saw the great potential within Optimus to be more than what he allowed himself to be. Ironhide emerged from the Well of All Sparks sometime during or before. Yes her dimension was full of gender swapped transformers, but it is now filled with a bunch of mechs and femmes that are similar but different at the same time. She gets to the new dimension and is truck from. She starts cruising along, trying to find any other Cybertronian. She was giving of a frequency so someone can find her, she just hopes that it is someone good. 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